Monitoring/Billing Services

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Monitoring: Monitoring energy real time eliminates surprises when the monthly utility bill arrives and discovering that energy use has doubled due to a malfunctioning mechanical system. Our monitoring system can help recognize these abnormalities early and send an alarm to key personnel when systems are operating outside predetermined thresholds. Our customers achieve savings anywhere from 10% to 40% largely from identifying and eliminating waste. ” You can’t save what you can’t measure”

Cost Allocation: Many facilities have multiple agencies and departments within buildings and wish to charge back expenses to encourage energy conservation. This can be easily accomplished via our many submetering and software solutions.

Billing: We can provide complete billing and cash management services or integrate submetering data collection directly into an existing billing systems

Continuous Commissioning: Most buildings do not operate at maximum efficiency largely due to building HVAC and control systems not being optimized properly. Continuous commissioning allows building managers to monitor key equipment operating parameters continually insuring facilities operate efficiently. When a building drifts out of calibration system our system sends an alarm to key personnel.

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